LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.
Holistic, Integrative
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Pain Consultant
Holistic Pediatrics
Welcome to my pediatrics home page. Recall, that I am a conventionally trained pediatrician. After graduating from my MD/allopathic training program, I went out into the real world and was horribly disappointed. We knew nothing! The kids weren’t getting better! They kept getting sick! All I seeing was the same illnesses over and over again and I kept having to write the same prescriptions over and over again. What I was trained to do was not consistent with my philosophy of pediatric health and wellness. My philosophy of a healthy child is one that doesn’t get sick, perhaps once a year, who doesn’t need to see a specialist and go to multiple doctors. In my practice, I see a sick child and I “clean them up.” If I do a good job, parents see a calmer, happier child that doesn’t need any medications. Here, and elsewhere on my blogs and other pages, I will share with you the conventional approaches that regular pediatricians offer and present to you my ideas of how and why I do things differently.
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