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I love what I do and I do best what I love.

I am a pediatrician.  I like spending time with my patients and their parents, the old fashioned
way. I like figuring out the problems of the patient and the why.  What does a parent do when
the child is medicated, seeing multiple specialists and yet does not seem better? The true
measure of health is how few medicines a patient is on. Read more on my philosophy of
pediatric wellness and pediatric holistic health here:

Integrative, Holistic Pediatric Wellness

I also treat adults for chronic pain. I love this practice. I get amazing results now (in my 14th
year of practice) that can be photographically documented.

I love what I do because I enjoy treating the complicated cases.  These are the patients who
have "tried everything" and where "all the tests are negative".  These truly are the medical
mysteries that most doctors brush aside as "in your head."  Or if they believe you really have
the symptoms and they don't have the answers, then you are left to "cope and deal" with the
pain.  I actually enjoy the clinical challenge of complicated cases.  This work is medical
detective work.  Once the primary and secondary strains are addressed and reduced,
patients feel better. The work is precise but so subtle that it seems unbelievable and almost,
yes, 'miraculous,' as
Joslynn will attest.  Another heart wrenching case is Kathleen
Baker...hear  her testimony:

I attended the University of California at Riverside with a B.S. in biology (4years). I attended
the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine (4 years). I trained in
pediatrics at Loma Linda Children's Hospital (3 years). I've spent 11 years studying and 14
years in practice, that is 21 years of medical knowledge. I still love the pure anatomy,
physiology, embryology and physics behind figuring out the human body. I will continue with
my work in pediatrics and osteopathy for both children and adults for another 40 years.
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LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.
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As of July,  Cherly is doing really well, although it is taking much longer than I anticipated.  
She is now twitching like nobody's business, her legs flopping around like a fresh, caught fish.
She can now turn her head without neck pain.  Her periods (previously 39-50 day cycles) are
now regular, without any meds.
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